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Specialty Packs

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Attention: In a joint effort to help you succeed in your business efforts, we want to invest in YOU!

When You Sign Up For One Or More Of The Following:

- Linkvana
- ProfitAutomation
- Article Underground
- Yanik Silver's Public Domain Gold Mine
- Yanik Silver's Underground Seminar
- Yanik Silver's Maverick Business Insider
- Push Button Publishing
- Push Button Health
- And more... (bookmark this page & check back!)

Through Our Links Below,
You Will Receive Our HELP Using The Materials And Generating Income

- - All At No Additional Cost To You!


Because by helping you succeed, we're also letting you become familiar with our own products and services. Then we can continue to help you as your company grows, becoming one of your own joint venture partners, too.

Plus all of us will be working towards the success of our membership sites, ensuring quality products and service and top value our membership dollars for the life of our memberships!

Partners in success - that's the bottom line.

"How does it work?"

A. Simply order through our links below.

B. Email us to confirm that you ordered and we will set up your free account here.

C. Each month, we will log $10 - $25 or more (depending upon the program and credit amount for it - see list below) in your account as you make your monthly subscription payment(s), and we receive our affiliate commissions from them.

D. Whenever you are ready, you can contact us and have your account funds used towards the purchase of any of our products and services.

Our most popular selections:
- http://www.ohiohelpgroup.com
- http://www.movingaheadcommunications.com/bestbuys.html
- http://www.presssuccess.com/bookstore

E. Continue to build up your account funds as before. Then head to step "D" above again. It's a process. Continued help for YOU, putting your subscriptions to work! And at no additional cost.

---> Subscribe through our links below.
---> The cost is absolutely $0 extra - - and you'll gain a whole lot more!

"How can this help?"

You could:

- Jump into your new business with a interactive website home page (or special page if you already have a site) created by us and have a cyber-shingle ready for placing small classified ads to attract clients, show off your resume and future work samples, have a page with your email address and a mailing address for prospects, etc. Focus on what YOU want and we'll do the other work for you online!

- Hire us to ghost an article or press release (or use the piece as both) about your new business and how you can help future clients earn more income. We'll write, you'll focus on your other priorities and keep working. The byline will be yours - -with your new website link in there for quick contact interaction and communication!

- Invest in our help with any other products, services, even "stations" - Automation- Station, Book Publication-Station, Creation-Station, Destination-Station. Take a tour and see all the number of ways we can help jumpstart your business and immediately put your subscription materials to use to generate income: http://movingaheadcommunications.com .

References, Work Samples & More...

Check out our home site and see more including references, work samples...and all the number of ways we can help jumpstart your business and immediately put your coursework to use to generate income: http://movingaheadcommunications.com .

Subscription List

Below are the Subscription Websites that we can package with your FREE account.
Reminder: Simply order through the links, then send us a brief email confirming your purchase so that we can set up your FREE account here. Then as funds accumulate, use them towards the purchase of our products and services to help grow your business by emailing or calling us.


Sign up for more than one, and $10 - $25 or more from each goes into your account with each payment. For example, three $20 subscriptions = $60 per month credit that goes into your account. Adds up fast!

Use your credits to order ghostwritten content from us, for Virtual Assistant services, link building, and any number of things. For more ideas, click: our Best Buys and 100+ ways our virtual assistant services can help with your projects.

Linkvana (you get a $25 per month credit back)

ProfitAutomation (you get a $10 per month credit back)http://presssuccess.com/AutoPilot

Article Underground (you get a $25 per month credit back)https://paydotcom.com/r/8334/dbarnum/1758858

Yanik Silver's Public Domain Gold Mine (you get a $20 per month credit back) http://tinyurl.com/5wuhlk

Yanik Silver's Underground Seminar (you get 10% credit back) http://presssuccess.com/underground

Yanik Silver's Maverick Business Insider (you get $10 credit back after initial free trail month is completed) http://presssuccess.com/maverick

Push Button Publishing (you get a $10 per month credit back) http://presssuccess.com/PushButton

Push Button Health (you get a $10 per month credit back) http://presssuccess.com/health

And more....bookmark this page and check back as more programs are added! (Contact us if you think you have a program that may be a good fit, too).

Other Ideas on how to work together with any program above and us: Click Here

Let us help you start or expand your operations with any combo of the following:

  • Increase traffic, clients, prospects and sales, and share information with your sales representatives by inviting us to create, expand or revise a website
  • Improve operations by inviting us to set up or expand your subscriber base
  • Make more $$ by informing your sales representatives, clients, prospects and others about your products, services, seasonal promotions and special offers. Invite us to create, revise or make a special issue of your newsletter or ezine
  • Earn more revenue by instructing your subscribers about your own products and services. Invite us to set up autoresponders with a series of reports, sales letters, classes, ebooks and other marketing materials, and post some on your website, too, for instant click-and-view options.
  • Save $$ with Free email marketing and invite us to establish email signature file ads with links
  • Relax and earn while other people sell for you. Invite us to set up an affiliate program (with your products, services and / or those of others) complete with links to bring in extra income.
  • Save on stress and advertising by inviting us to write ongoing press releases and articles and submit them to the media with links to your site and other contact information in the byline and content.
  • Generate extra $$ by inviting us to set up a profit center for you, conduct a fundraising campaign and /or create a Direct Marketing package with follow up sales letters and other communications.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to plan ahead. Set aside a portion of time each week or month to have an ebook creation and / or online workshop / class ghostwritten by us. Then have us market them on an ongoing basis.
  • And a lot more....!

  • Q/A with procedures, samples, etc.: Click Here

    Ordering & Contact Information

    Diana Barnum, President, Moving Ahead Communications, 3288 Darby Glen Blvd., Hilliard, Ohio 43026. Phone:(614)529-9459 / Fax: (contact for current #). Check, money order, Discover, American Express, Master Card, VISA and PayPal accepted. Contact Us

    Thank you for the opportunity to be of service and for visiting today.